Creating your dream kitchen

The kitchen is the beating heart of the home. It’s the hub, where families meet to make and enjoy flavoursome dishes, catch up on the day and enjoy each other’s company. These days, the time together is extended due to restrictions and lockdowns. So it’s vital to have a kitchen space that caters to your individual needs, is the right size and looks amazing. Creating your dream kitchen isn’t easy, but it will be worth it. 


Mood Boards

First of all, don’t panic. A kitchen remodel can be overwhelming and gruelling at times, but trust the process. To get you started, we suggest creating mood boards on Pinterest. Don’t limit yourself to pictures of kitchens that you like, look at shapes and colours and textures too. Gather as much information as possible and keep an open mind. 


Design Consultation

Next, bring your dreams, thoughts and ideas to us. The first step of creating your dream kitchen is sitting down with us for a design consultation. Here at Torbitts, we offer a fully bespoke service, catered to your needs and working around you. We will ask you questions and work through things that perhaps you hadn’t considered before. Some of the questions are as follows:


What function will your kitchen serve?

Sounds like a silly question, we know. Obviously, your kitchen’s purpose is for you to cook in it. But think of all the other things you might do in it. Watch TV, help the kids with their homework, read the news or chill with friends. Your new space needs to cater to all of these possibilities as well. We will talk with you personally and hone in on what’s important to you. 


Work Triangle 

The work triangle is a rule of thumb to keep in mind when creating your dream kitchen. It refers to the space between your fridge, your sink and your oven. An ideal work triangle would leave space to move freely between, but not so much space that you have to cross the kitchen to get to each one. 



Storage is something that people often can forget about. Smart storage solutions can be a lifesaver for many. Remember, we want to help you maximise your space and make the very best use of it. A few of our favourites are pull out spice drawers and under cabinet drawers that are in place of skirting boards. 


Creating your dream kitchen just got easier. We are here to help you every step of the way and our service caters to you personally. Contact us today on 028 2826 0288 or drop us an email at

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