How to: Glass Backsplash

Backsplashes are easy to forget when designing your kitchen, but they’re essential for protecting your wall from unwanted stains and water marks. So if you want to keep your space clean and clear, it’s definitely something to consider. Usually they come in tile, brick, stone, mosaic, marble and even wallpaper but today we’re here to advise you on How to: Glass Backsplash. Keep reading for all the advantages, disadvantages and style tips for glass backsplash. 



Let’s talk about the advantages of glass splashback. 

  1. They’re stylish. They look sleek and modern and can jazz up a surrounding space simply  by existing.
  2. They come in all shapes and sizes, so can fit your space easily and change the entire look.
  3. An obvious one – they protect your wall and keep your kitchen beautifully clean. This goes for all backsplashes but it’s true nonetheless. Glass is also a lot easier to clean than stone or wallpaper. 


It’s important to look at the cons of having glass splashback, so here are a few disadvantages. 

  1. Glass cracks. It’s not as longwearing and durable as tile or metal, and when it’s damaged it doesn’t look as good. 
  2. When you damage the glass splashback, you can’t repair one part of it. You have to replace the entire thing, which can be a pain. 
  3. They’re not cheap either. Cost is important, and if you’re wanting to keep the cost down, perhaps check elsewhere. 

How to: Style your Glass Backsplash



If you love a minimalist, modern aesthetic, glass backsplash is for you. It can be a seamless transition from wall to backsplash and can make for a very clean looking kitchen, especially against a white wall. 


A large glass backsplash can look great too, especially with a colourful painted wall behind it to add a bit of colour to the room.

Painted Glass

Shiny painted glass can look stunning with lacquered cabinets if you’re going for a cosmopolitan, high shine look. 


Here at Torbitt’s, we know everything there is to know about kitchens. We know every person is different, so we approach every kitchen design job on a person by person basis. That’s why we’ve given you this article on How to: Glass Backsplash. You can make the decision for yourself, based on the info and suggestions. 


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